About us

YOGARENA is your place to discover, book and enjoy yoga wherever you are.

  • Who are we?

    We offer a platform that lets you search for the yoga experience which is just right for you.

  • No matter which yoga style you prefer, what time of the day you like to practice, if you want to join a group or just have the best yoga teacher all by yourself, we will make sure to have something in stock for you.

  • For those who will join a yoga session for the first time – be assured you’re not alone and we have plenty of classes for new starters online. And for those who are super advanced – browse through and discover what’s new and widen your yoga horizon, opportunities are endless.

  • On the inspiration pages you can find articles from our bloggers around yoga knowledge, travel and experiences. We aspire to get you hooked on yoga… if you’re not already.

  • Our biggest aim is to make joining a yoga experience most convenient for you!

  • Therefore, once you found your perfect class you can book and pay online and you will receive an instant confirmation - your spot is guaranteed and all that’s left for you is to show up on your mat

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