…is truly unique and a super special way to enjoy yoga. 

But where on earth can you find that?

We have never heard about FloatFit Yoga ever before. But here it is, right in the heart of Singapore. The first and only place in Asia that lets you try your yoga poses while floating on water. Challenge your balance, laugh your heart out when losing it and cool down in the pool once you succeeded.

FloatFit Yoga classes are held 9 times a week in an open-air pool on the rooftop of Parkroyal Hotel. If you are a visitor to Singapore you will on top of your once-in-a-lifetime-yoga-experience also enjoy an amazing view of Singapore’s main landmarks.

So, how can we imagine a yoga class on water? Are we drifting aimlessly through the pool and knock each other over while trying fancy inversions on our air mattresses? Nope.

Since FloatFit Yoga wants you to enjoy your class and have fun while practicing, they are using special mats, called AquaBase. Those exercise mats are specifically manufactured to give you enough stability to actually perform your asanas, but they won’t be completely calm so you stay challenged. All mats are kept in place by hooking them on a line under water. But don’t worry that doesn’t mean they don’t move, this only ensures you’re not bumping into your neighbor yogi. Once you placed your mat in the pool and got your spot (yes, correct, this means you’ve done your first swim:)) you lift yourself on the mat and wait for your Vinyasa session to start. Rella, Riane or Lishan, all certified FloatFit Yoga instructors, will then guide you safely through a 30min yoga session, starting with their best advice: ‘Don’t be afraid of the water – you will anyway end up in there’.

By now you guessed it, it is advisable to wear any kind of swimwear, lycra or dry-fit gym attire since you will definitely get wet. And of course, bring a set of dry clothes to change into afterwards. You will find changing rooms, with lockers and showers right there.

This is not just the latest fitness craze in Singapore it’s a lot of fun too. Consider making this a corporate event with your office team, we guarantee you an exciting time and surely some really cool photos to take back. And for all of you who joined outdoor yoga classes in Singapore before, you will find this one to be the first where heat and sun is not a problem as a refreshing dip is just one step off the mat away.

This innovate workout can be booked most days of the week either early in the morning to get yourself energized for the day, or in the evening to enjoy the great atmosphere under Singapore’s night sky.

Splish splash your way to this unique yoga experience and try out FloatFit Yoga on water.  


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