And maybe all other days too, since it’s so much fun.

But wait, what’s that flying yoga anyway? Is it yoga? Is it a work out to build strength? Is it a fancy way of swinging through the air? Or just a good photo op? Quite frankly, it’s a bit of everything plus acrobatics and laughter.

Hanging on swings, flying from one trapeze to the next, and balancing on ropes way too high up in the air is what we all got fascinated with when we went on a school trip to the circus, back in the days when we were little. Now, if I’m a bit honest, it’s still fascinating. 

And you guessed it, Aerial Yoga is inspired by circus arts! It’s a simpler and safer way to try and practice acrobatics. In Aerial Yoga hammocks made from silk are used and they hang only 1 meter above the ground, with your yoga mat placed right underneath.

The yoga element can be linked to B.K.S. Iyengar who was the founder of the yoga style named after him. In Iyengar yoga practitioners use ropes and belts fixed with one site on the wall and the other on their hips. This helps lengthening the spine and easing pressure from the body by supporting one’s weight.

Both, acrobatics and Iyengar yoga were combined and further developed by adding elements from Pilates and dancing. So, a combination of traditional yoga with acrobatics inspired moves was born and is today know as Aerial Yoga or AntiGravity Yoga. 

Now, that we know all ‘ingredients’ of Aerial Yoga, let’s also understand what makes it different from ‘normal’ yoga styles like Hatha. Besides the huge colorful hammock of course. The main difference is in stability. While practicing Hatha yoga all stability and balance has to come from within the body. You will find yourself using your muscles aligning your body and focusing your mind. In Aerial Yoga your body will be carried and stabilized from ‘outside’. The hammocks will do the trick and your body will only take the supporting role when it comes to stability. You will find Aerial Yoga quite relaxing for your back and might leave with the impression that you grew by 3cm during your class. Besides your back, also your soul can relax while you indulge yourself in a flying timeout.

Last but not least, yes, it’s simply a fun activity! And if you can manage to snap a few pictures the fun continues at home.

Trying Aerial Yoga, from my point of view is a great experience and an enjoyable activity for people who love trying out new things. No need for prior yoga experience or an extreme level of fitness. Joining with the expectation of having a good time and making memories is enough. Nevertheless, starting off with Aerial Yoga should always be done with a teacher who can give guidance, explains how to get in and also out of the different poses you’re going to try and who ensures safety. 

Aerial Yoga is the perfect thing to do on a rainy weekend in Singapore or a nice midday break on your weekend trip in Bali. Both tested by us and ranked as ‘No. 1 To Do’ when around, with the maximum amount of fun and joy. Ready to fly!

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