For many people Sundays are spiritual days. For many yogis & meditation practitioners, that means time on the mat. Whether you were up for a meditation to stimulate your inner vibes with vibrations from sound bowls, intensify your senses with aromatic oils while in tree pose, or were looking for a revitalizing vinyasa session, YOGARENA & Lorna Jane brought it all together in a unique location for International woman’s day. The almost sold out event not only brought the participants some Zen and inner balance, but also some good deals on exquisite yoga attire for future spiritual Sundays spent on the mat.   

In partnership with the empowering brand, the woman’s day event was held in one of Lorna Jane’s exclusive boutiques on Club Street in Tanjong Pagar. Each session was designed to promote a practice of acceptance, awareness and empowerment to support the International Woman’s Day efforts. People of all genders and from all corners of Singapore came together to cultivate their inner selves and to put their practices together. Because as in the words of Gloria Steinem: The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care.

With gratitude, Nika

IWD Event

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