Here is what you might have been wondering about for a while. Singing Bowls.


Jessie shares her impressions of joining her first sound bath session in Singapore. She is not a full-on yoga practitioner, but enjoys the benefits of meditating and elevating her life through mindfulness and consciously making decisions for good health and wellbeing. Which is in essence what the true meaning of yoga is all about.

“I bought a singing bowl recently and love the vibration and sound it produces. 

I started searching more about singing bowls and meditation courses in Singapore and chance upon this Singing Bowl Meditation - Sound Bath session on YOGARENA.

The location of the meditation place is perfect. Centrally located behind the very busy Chinatown area, yet providing tranquility since it is away from the main street. During the meditation session, I only heard the sound from the singing bowls (and some birds chirping away which I kind of liked). 

The master was great. She has a very soothing voice which put me at ease and she speaks very slowly.

After we gave a very brief introduction of ourselves, we were asked to lie down in a comfortable position and start to release all tension in the body and 'let go'. To be honest, I did not enter into the meditative state as I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. However, I thoroughly enjoyed the sound produced by the various types of singing bowls, which she had prepared for the session. I'm seriously considering to go immerse myself into the sound once every month and take up the Singing Bowl workshop which is conduct by the same master.” 

Singing Bowl Studio

When it comes to singing bowls, they can help in various ways. During the sound bath session, as Jessie has described, it’s all about letting go. Focusing on the sound and vibration allows you to get calm and ideally be so involved that you stop having random thoughts. No ‘What should I make for dinner later’, nor ‘Have I given my best at yesterday’s class?’, nor ‘I still got so many emails to answer…’. 

Singing Bowls are the tool that lets you engage in relaxation, induces a meditative state and helps you be peaceful. If you’re wondering what a meditative state feels like, it’s best described as the moment before falling asleep. While in meditation you are neither asleep (loss of control), nor are you wide awake thinking (full control). Most people find it difficult to reach this state, same as Jessie. But a Sound Bath session can help you pave the path to get there. Try it out, it might take time, but improvement is always a progress, not a one-off tick in the box. And even if your goal of being able to meditate is still a long way ahead, you can still enjoy the benefits of a 35 min time out while listening to beautiful sounds, forgetting the hustle and bustle outside in the city.


So, if you got curious or have been looking for meditation in Singapore, give The Singing Bowl Studio a shot. They run frequent Sound Bath sessions as the one Jessie experienced. But also offer a practitioner workshop in which you can learn yourself how to play the singing bowls.