1. Which products and services can I book on YOGARENA?

    You will find all types of yoga classes, events, trainings and workshops on our platform. We call them yoga experiences.
    No matter if you’re a first timer or advanced yogi, you like Aerial Yoga, traditional Hatha or any other yoga style, you’re a teen, a new mom, dog lover or senior we got something in store

  2. Do I have to book my yoga experience in advance?

    Yes, YOGARENA can only reserve a mat for you if you have booked through our website. Please select your yoga experience and follow the steps through the booking process.
    As each yoga experience has a limited number of mats, we recommend to book as early as possible.

  3. How do I pay for my yoga experience?

    After choosing your yoga experience and proceeding to book, you will be shown the exact payment options for your selected yoga experience.
    We offer online payment, which lets you pay the total amount right as you book. And we also give the option of paying offline on the day and location of your yoga experience.
    Please note, not every yoga experience offers both payment options (online & offline), some only support one of them.

  4. Which online payment options do you offer?

    You can pay online with your credit card - we accept Visa and Master - at no additional cost! You only pay for your yoga experience :)

  5. Is it safe to book with YOGARENA?

    Yes, it is safe to book with us. YOGARENA follows the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), a set of security controls that businesses are required to implement to protect credit card data.
    YOGARENA only accepts payments in a PCI compliant manner, therefore your data is safe with us.

  6. Do I need to create an account to book a yoga experience?

    When you book your favorite yoga experience we will ask you to fill in some information, like your name. This is needed so the studio or teacher knows it’s you who’s coming.
    With the information provided by you we will automatically create an account for you to use next time you’re back on YOGARENA.

  7. Will YOGARENA guarantee my spot?

    Yes. Once booked you will receive an email confirmation, which guarantees your spot in the yoga experience. All that’s left to do is go and enjoy.

  8. What happens if my favorite yoga experience is fully booked?

    If you can’t find your yoga experience or there are not enough spots left, then it is likely we have sold all available mats and the yoga experience is fully booked. To avoid such disappointment, we recommend to book as early as possible. You can also check alternative dates as some yoga experiences are reoccurring.

  9. Can I cancel my booking?

    Changing your mind is cool with us, YOGARENA always aims to give you the most flexibility. Still, it depends on the yoga experience that you have booked, as the cancelation and refund policies are linked and can differ.
    If you have booked already, please check the email confirmation which you have received after booking, it states the policies applicable for your yoga experience. You can also log into your YOGARENA account and check under ‘upcoming yoga experiences’.
    If you haven’t booked yet, please check the ‘Cancelation Policies’ on the teacher/studio page below the calendar. That’s where you will always find the cancelation and refund policies for each yoga experience.

  10. I have specific questions regarding the studio/teacher?

    You want to know if the studio has shower facilities or when to arrive for your upcoming yoga experience?
    You will find all those information on the teacher/studio page. Find an introduction and all highlights on top as well as the location on a map. Check through all yoga experiences for further details like, teacher, level, style, etc. Scroll further down to understand ‘Important Information’, ‘Cancellation Policies’ and ‘Good to Know’. Still not sure, see what other customers said in the reviews section.

  11. What is the fastest way to find the ‘right’ yoga experience for me?

    On YOGARENA you have different search and filter options.
    It might be a good idea to filter by level. If you are a beginner or you are looking for a teacher training this can help you find the right yoga experience faster.
    If you are a bit familiar with yoga you could try to filter by yoga style: how about Aerial or Wheel Yoga or go for a Flow class.
    It’s also possible to search for special yoga experiences for teens, seniors or new moms.
    And of course, there is always the option to narrow down your search by setting a price range that is right for you.

  12. I’m curious about yoga, can YOGARENA help :)?

    We would love to! Our aspiration is to bring yoga to everyone, everywhere. If you want to get a bit inspired first, please check our various articles on our ‘Inspiration’ page. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on FB, IG, TW.
    Check ‘What’s new on YOGARENA’ on our homepage to always know what’s the latest. And when searching through all yoga experiences have an eye on what ‘YOGARENA recommends’. If this isn’t enough, get in touch! Please :)

  13. I am a yoga teacher or run a studio, can I become a partner on YOGARENA?

    Yes sure, we are always looking for new partners and new yoga experiences for our customers. So, leave your name, email etc. on our Partner Sign Up Form and we will get in touch with you.